The Best Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. BA145.022-69

I think the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Professional “Tribute to Astronauts” needs no further introduction. We’ve covered it several times when examples have come up for auction and also wrote an “Ultimate Guide To The 1969 fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11” article.

It’s a 42mm gold variation of the then-current steel 1:1 fake Omega Moonwatch ref. 145.022 with the same caliber 861. The red bezel is made of aluminum, the dial is made of solid gold, and the hour markers are made of onyx. The bracelet (ref. 1116) tapers from 20mm at the end links (ref. 575) to 14mm at the clasp, and the original crown is gold plated (weirdly enough).

This commemorative Omega super clone for sale came in the famous crater box for the market, while the astronauts received it in the beautiful rectangular box above — Image: RR Auction

The estimate is US$100,000+
RR Auction has set the estimate to more than US$100,000, which is as accurate as it gets, I believe. Results in the past have shown a wide range (Wally Schirra’s commemorative gold luxury replica Omega Speedmaster went for nearly $2 million, but Jack Swigert’s went for “just” $152K), so there are no guarantees for this one.

The auction for Richard F. Gordon’s Swiss movement copy Omega Speedmaster will be open for initial bids until April 25th. After that, those who placed them will be eligible for the final round of bidding on the 26th. At the time of publishing, the price is up to US$51,793.