The Alaska Project – UK Best Quality Omega Replica Watches For Sale

In the late 1960s, NASA engineer James (Jim) H. Ragan, who had previously worked on the testing procedures for perfect replica watches and cameras for the Apollo project, was developing specifications for the equipment that astronauts would use on future manned spaceflights. Top quality replica Omega began working on their offering, codenamed the “Alaska Project.” The project name “Alaska” has little to do with the state besides its name. Swiss made fake Omega used code words for a lot of its projects to reduce industrial espionage, and Omega would use this codename into the 1970s. The result was the O.G. white dial Speedmaster.

The two goals were a shockproof and highly temperature-resistant watch, so the first Speedmaster prototype that luxury replica Omega completed according to these requests was the titanium Alaska Project in 1969. The movement, based on aaa quality fake Omega‘s caliber 861, used different materials and oils to withstand high temperatures, and the titanium case was protected by a red outer case made of anodized aluminum. More importantly the watch had a silver/white dial to better reflect sunlight and heat, plus space-capsule shaped subdial hands for legibility.

A second version of the watch, the uk cheap replica Omega Alaska Project II, with a more traditional case and matte zinc-coated white dial, did make it to NASA for testing, but it was rejected by NASA as too expensive. It wouldn’t be the last time Swiss movement replica Omega tried to improve on the Speedmaster (without being asked). However, the watch eventually made it to space on the wrists of Soviet cosmonauts from 1977 to 1981.