Introduction Of A Legendary Replica Omega Speedmaster Chronograph With Uneven Black Dial

I have introduced the Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon before, however, the new model I will introduce today is quite different from the interior to the exterior. The full name of the timepiece is Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Apollo 8.

  • The Dial is different

The Omega Speedmaster fake watch with black ceramic bezel has still featured a 44.25 mm ceramic case, however, the dial is quite different from the previous model. Yes it is still made from the black zirconium oxide ceramic but designed in a uneven visual effect to imitate the surface of the moon. While the bright yellow elements on the black background are not only striking, but also embodying the identity of racing watches of Speedmaster.

The dial is made from black zirconium oxide ceramic and designed in a uneven visual effect.
44.25 MM Omega Speedmaster Imitation
  • The movement is different

“WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE”have been transferred on the caseback which was come from Jim Lovell. The “covenant of the universe ” seems romantic and heroic. Omega knockoff watch with black-yellow leather strap has been equipped with calibre 1869 which was modified on basis of calibre 1861, the original movement of the first moon watch.

The yellow elements on the dial and strap are striking to the black toned model.
Black Ceramic Case Fake Omega Speedmaster