Cheap Replica OMEGA Launches Iconic Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Into The Stratosphere

The legend of perfect replica OMEGA’s coveted ‘Moonwatch’ extends far beyond the terrestrial realms of horology. What was first released as a sport and racing chronograph would instead become the first watch in history to ‘land’ on the moon, gracing the wrists of each astronaut onboard the Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 lunar missions, more than 50 years ago.

It was a hugely impressive feat, and now, in 2024, luxury fake OMEGA is making history again.

The luxury Swiss watch brand first released the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in 2018 on the 50th anniversary of the historic first mission. The original timepiece was hand-selected by NASA for its superior durability, legibility and accuracy, and the top copy Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon represents the brand’s return to key features that made this watch so iconic.

Now, for a release that’s colloquially referred to as the Swiss made replica OMEGA ‘Moonwatch’, it’s only right that this timepiece embodies the inherent duality of its perennial muse. On the dial, the aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster’s unique aesthetic reflects the lunar surface of the moon, as seen from Earth’s perspective, complete with cloudy, distressed marks as if looking up at night.

On the reverse, the Dark Side of the Moon is revealed; the enigmatic edge that few people have witnessed is often shielded from view from Earth and is a rare sight reserved for the brave astronauts who have embarked on their missions skyward, adding to the moon’s enduring allure of mystery and curiosity.

Surrounding the caseback, the lesser-known words “WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE” immortalised by Command Module Pilot Jim Lovell on the Apollo 8 mission, moments before disappearing on the far side of the moon, for the very first time, adorn the outer rim.

Under the hood, Swiss movement fake OMEGA’s COSC-certified manual-winding movement, Calibre 3869, continues this iconic watch’s unrivalled heritage of accuracy, offering wearers the Swiss watch industry’s highest level of precision… hey, if it’s good enough for NASA.

Fans of the Super-LumiNova® from best quality replica OMEGA’s previous iterations will be pleased to see its radiant return in this latest release, with the indices coated for increased visibility, making this the perfect instrument for continued space exploration or the late arvo school run.

Wholesale fake OMEGA’s Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is available online and in Australian Boutiques now, retailing at $23,650.00… but we reckon that’s one small price for man.