UK High Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

A nod to the 1980s
The new 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional in steel and gold harks back to the first two-tone Speedmaster Professional DD145.022 from 1983, which was available in this combination of steel and precious metal a few years before Rolex came up with the current Daytona design. Until 1988, the Rolex Daytona was a small (37mm) hand-wound chronograph using a Valjoux movement, but it was only available in steel or gold. Just to deal with some of the comments I saw on social media about Swiss made replica Omega copying Rolex with these new bicolor chronographs.

Wear the watch that makes you smile
Anyway, let’s focus on the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster. Since the introduction last week (here is my intro article in case you haven’t read it yet), I have been wearing the luxury replica Omega Speedmaster Professional in steel and Moonshine Gold almost nonstop. At first, I was more drawn to the steel and rose gold version as it suits my skin tone (also nearly Sedna) a bit better. However, after wearing the steel and yellow gold variation for days in a row, I warmed up to it (no pun intended). As you might know, I have the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in full Moonshine Gold and can often be seen wearing it. But this steel and gold edition brings a nice contrast.

When driving my car, for example, holding my hand on the steering wheel, the contrast of the materials is so nice. With every subtle arm/wrist movement I make, the steel and gold Moonwatch grabs my attention. That’s what brings a smile to my face when I am wearing a watch, and to me, that’s what matters. A Omega replica for sale UK should make you smile when you’re wearing it, and that’s what the steel and yellow gold version did for me when I wore it last week.

Rose or yellow gold
As for the two available variations of the high quality fake Omega Speedmaster, at first, I was Team Pink. As mentioned, the beautiful Sedna Gold alloy matches my skin tone perfectly. Also, the rose-gold-tone dial is not as dark as it appears in some photographs we published earlier, especially when outside in natural light. It became apparent that it matched the tone of the rose gold elements of the bracelet, bezel, and case. Normally, I do not like silver dials with a sun-brush finish on a sports copy watch. But after resizing the steel and yellow gold Omega Speedmaster super clone online to fit my wrist and wearing it for a few hours, my mind started to change.

After a day or so, my appreciation for this version increased even more, giving me some of the 1980s vibes (I have a few bicolor watches from that decade). Whereas the original 1983 two-tone Speedmaster had a gold-colored dial with grayish subdials, the inverted dial of this new best quality replica Omega UK works a bit better for me. The 18K gold applied indices and hands (except the chronograph seconds hand, all hands are made of solid 18K gold) give an amazing contrast to the silvery dial.